Case Veterinary Hospital

For over a century, Case Veterinary Hospital has been caring for Savannah’s pets. Starting in 1909 with Dr. Erle Glenwood Case, and continuing through 2009, with Carla’s gradual takeover of the business, Case Veterinary Hospital is unique because it is the only veterinary hospital worldwide that can boast four direct generations of veterinarians. Each generation of has built on the trust that they would provide their patients with the best care available because the reputation of the hospital reflects not only on the family’s business but the family name.

Hospital History

Learn the history behind Case Veterinary Hospital, from its start in 1909 to it’s present status now in 2010……Read more

Case in the Media

Over the years, our Hospital has been featured in multiple news, magazine, online and video articles. Click here to see them.


Carla followed both her grandfather and father and now enjoys being the 4th generation to run the family practice…….Read more

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